The Massive

Richard House

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28 March 2013
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Rem Gunnersen needs work. His wife needs a vacation. Cathy won’t get her vacation. Rem’s job will kill him.

Down on his luck and desperate for money, Rem Gunnersen accepts an unusual proposition: to lead a team of seven men to Camp Liberty. A remote military base in the Iraqi desert, it is the place where the detritus of war is incinerated, buried, removed from memory. For a long time the camp has been unmanned. Rem and his men have no idea why they need to be there. Then Stephen Lawrence Sutler arrives.

The Massive is book two of The Kills.

The Kills is an epic novel of crime and conspiracy told in four books.

It begins with a man on the run and ends with a burned body.

Its creator, Richard House, has written and produced audio and video content that takes you beyond the boundaries of the book and into the characters’ lives outside its pages. This is the enhanced edition of the ebook, which contains embedded audio, video and moving images. The same material can also be found on

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