Don't Flush

Lifting the Lid on the Science of Poo and Wee

Illustrated by

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Publication date: 11.10.2012
ISBN: 9780753433997
Number of pages: 48


This book is a light-hearted, yet highly informative study of two of the most natural human resources in the world – poo and wee. Throughout history, the products of our bladder and bowels have helped us to build houses, wash and dye our clothes, fertilize crops, treat illnesses, solve crimes, control pollution and create fuel, energy and explosives. These pages show you how, and tell you some fascinating stories at the same time. Illustrated with brilliantly fun artworks and endearing characters, you’ll be entertained by wizards using ‘magical urine’, soldiers fighting with exploding piles of dung, wee-wielding beauty therapists and much more.