More What If?

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'Marvellously entertaining as well as thought-provoking - the finest intellectual parlour-game around.' Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph

More What If?, the sequel to the acclaimed What If? examines history's most fascinating what-might have-beens. More of the world's leading historians, including Geoffrey Parker, Theodore K Rabb, Cecilia Holland and Caleb Carr postulate on what might so easily have been. Concentrating on the crucial and the seemingly insignificant, What If? 2 is an entertaining and brilliantly provocative look at the way our world could easily have been.What if William hadn't conquered? What if the enigma code remained uncracked? And would this even matter if Lord Halifax had become Prime Minister rather than Churchill? This selection of alternative history is both provocative and stimulating and gives us a valuable insight into the way things could so easily have been.Praise for the What If? series

Anyone interested in...History in general will find it fascinating to read
Pure, almost illicit pleasure
Sunday Telegraph
A top-class bed-side read
Financial Times

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Robert Cowley is the founding editor of MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History - the award-winning magazine in the United States. He has worked in book and magazine publishing, and lives in New York City.

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