City of Fire

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When a businessman arrives home to find his wife in bed, carved from belly to throat with a very sharp knife, the elite Robbery-Homicide division of the L.A.P.D responds in full force and Detective Lena Gamble prepares for her first major case.

At first all fingers point towards the victim’s husband, but best-case scenarios only happen in films and it soon transpires that this murder is one of a series of brutal crimes against women and the work of a killer dubbed ‘Romeo’ by the ravenous Hollywood media.

Lena is all too aware of the peril of the public eye - she has found herself in it before, on the night of her rock-star brother’s unsolved murder five years ago. And now she risks a far more dangerous fame as a cloud of conspiracy descends on her investigation and she edges towards Romeo’s deadly line of sight . . .Lena must catch this psychopath before she becomes his next glamorous victim . . .

'Ellis's writing is a cut above that of most authors in the crowded serial-killer field' Sunday Times

About Robert Ellis

Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, Robert Ellis lived in Los Angeles for sixteen years and now spends his time between California and Connecticut along the central coast. He has written and produced over 1,000 television commercials for political campaigns and has previously published two novels. Robert is currently writing the next thriller in the Detective Lena Gamble series.

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The Lost Witness
The Lost Witness