Released on 01 January 2015.

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Killing Paparazzi

A Coming of Rage Story

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Think Janet Evanovich . . . and think blacker! Nina Zero is back.The gun-toting anti-heroine who single-handedly blew up LAX airport - by mistake - is finally judged worthy of release from prison; but she finds that the world really hasn't changed a great deal while she's been inside. The 'electrifying' demise of heavy metal group Death Row in a hotel hot-tub gives Nina the opportunity to launch a new career as a paparazza, but all too soon the shine of her glamorous job begins to tarnish with the chilling realisation that someone is killing paparazzi . . . Throw in an off-the-wall greencard wedding, a macabre docu-soap named Meat Wagon and requisite doses of Nina's trademark accidental violence and you have a witty and perceptive take on the excesses of early 21st century behaviour. Killing Paparazzi is a funny novel to take seriously.'A winning formula . . . good fun' The Times'Eversz paints a chilling picture of an LA lifestyle that the glossy magazines don't cover. His pace is fast, furious and funny, and wild-child Nina is as endearing as she is wayward' Livewire'Eversz is a good storyteller, his narrative is crisp and involving' Sunday Telegraph