Out on 01 September 2022

Recovery: The Workbook

Russell Brand

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01 September 2022
256 pages

A practical guidebook to help you move from unconscious doing to conscious being from Russell Brand, bestselling author and comedian.

We live in a time of distraction. Lately, you may have found yourself doom-scrolling through social media, struggling to find balance between life and work or almost surgically attached to your phone. Using the tenets of twelve-step recovery, Russell Brand has crafted a program of techniques that can be used by anyone seeking change in their lives, and that (surely?) includes everyone.

Recovery: The Workbook will help you to create your own bespoke program based on your life, needs, assets and deficits. Founded on an index of your specific roles and aims in life, the program will help you to understand key principles, find deeper meaning and create a template to define and measure progress. This standalone follow up to Russell’s number one Sunday Times bestseller Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions is a creative guidebook with easy-to-follow exercises that will help you to break the cycle of these behaviours for a more fulfilling life.

Russell doesn’t just want to save our souls he wants to entertain us on the way.

Matt Haig, author of How to Stop Time and Reasons to Stay Alive

Russell Brand brings an exhaustive and profound understanding of what it means to be felled by addiction and how to stand back up again.

Men’s Health

There is no better lesson to be learnt than by someone who has lived it. And with that in mind, Russell Brand is a man to listen to. Carefully.