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The Dispatcher

An adreline rush, that will hook you from page one

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2012 Long-listed

CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger


01 July 11


Ian Hunt is the police dispatcher for the small town of Bulls Mouth, East Texas. Just as his shift is ending he gets a call from his fourteen-year-old daughter, Maggie.

Maggie, who has just been declared dead, having been snatched from her bedroom seven years ago. Her call ends in a scream.

The trail leads to a local couple, but this is just the start of his battle to get his daughter back. What follows is a bullet-strewn cross-country chase along Interstate 10, from Texas to California.

The riveting novel from Ryan David Jahn, the acclaimed author of Acts of Violence and Low Life, The Dispatcher is a brilliantly original, blood drenched thriller, about the lengths a man will go to for his daughter.