Hawkes Harbor

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An orphan and a bastard, Jamie Sommers grew up knowing he had no hope of heaven. Conceived in adultery and born in sin, Jamie was destined to repeat the sins of his parents - or so the nuns told him . . . And he proved them right.

Taking to sea, Jamie sought out danger and adventure in exotic ports all over the world as a smuggler, gunrunner - and murderer. Tough enough to handle anything, he's survived foreign prisons, pirates, and a shark attack. But in the quiet seaside town of Hawkes Harbor in Delaware, Jamie discovers something that is enough to drive him insane - and change his life forever. For it is in Hawkes Harbor that Jamie comes face to face with the ultimate evil . . .

About S. E. Hinton

S. E. Hinton is the bestselling author of The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Tex and That Was Then, This Is Now. She has been acclaimed as one of the most provocative writers of her generation and her gritty and powerful novels have inspired four major motion pictures. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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