#7 in series

A Beautiful Death

Book 7 in the series

3.5 based on 8 ratings & 2 reviews on Goodreads.com

Publication date: 14.06.2012
ISBN: 9781447225201
Number of pages: 0


The blast rocked the entire block of flats, awaking Detective Inspector Ben Jurnet from a sleep of exhaustion. Bells, sirens, whoopers – sounds that betokened rescue, the arrival of fire engines, ambulances, the police his brothers – reached him on the morning air. Everything under control at least. Or so he thought.

Outside, near the wrecked Rover, a shoe lay on the ground. In it, a foot with an ankle attached. Miriam’s shoe. Miriam’s ankle. Was it all a ghastly mistake, a trap set for the police generally, or for Jurnet in particular, that had by dreadful chance caught the wrong victim? Had political murder arrived in sedate and sensible Angleby, that jewel of East Anglia?

Why, in heaven’s name, Miriam?

Jurnet’s search for the answer to that question proves to be a journey into his very heart and soul.

A Beautiful Death combines all the elements of a page-turning thriller with a moving statement about love, bereavement, grief and renewal.