Released on 14 June 2012.

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Death and the Pregnant Virgin

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‘I’m only repeating what I’ve been told. And what I’ve been told is that Rachel Case was four months pregnant when she was killed, and she was still a virgin.’

Rachel Case was considered by some to be a saint, but she lay, with the back of her head shattered, in the Shrine of Our Lady of Promise. The Norfolk village of Mauthen Barbary was filled with pilgrims, celebrating the fifth year since the statue’s discovery, but it had to be someone close to Rachel who had killed her so brutally.

Inspector Ben Jurnet finds that the clues to this modern murder lie far back in the past, concealed in a Tudor account book and an ancient Greek text. But not in time to prevent a suicide and two more bizarre killings . . .

‘The richness of language and characterization place Haymon squarely in the Sayers tradition’ Kirkus Reviews