An Imperfect Lady

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Publication date: 04.12.2014
ISBN: 9781447289791
Number of pages: 0


She would always be her own woman - true to her wild, searching heart.

Adeline Gundry, born in the golden summer of Edwardian England, was raised to be a perfect lady in a perfect world of rank and privilege. But Adeline, like the century itself, had other ideas. For what Adeline wanted was not a conventional life filled with teas and dances, nor a conventional marriage held together by strictures and rules. Adeline wanted independence and passion - the sort of love that makes you feel alive.

From her idyllic childhood in Devon to her glorious success as an artist in bohemian London, from domesticity in trouble-torn Ireland to carefree interludes in the golden playgrounds of the Caribbean and French Riviera, Adeline lives her life, gloriously, to the full. And always she is herself - determined, headstrong, passionate - a woman of her times.