Released on 04 December 2014.

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Flowers Won't Fax

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Isla and Richard have been married for ten years - handsome and successful and gifted, they make an admired couple. Isla knows Richard is no angel, but she is sophisticated enough to be prepared to overlook his minor indiscretions.

Jen has been Richard's mistress for even longer. The opposite of Isla in looks and temperament, she offers Richard the chance to be someone completely different.

When a chance meeting brings the two women together, each is startled by the difference between them and forced to reevaluate the man they thought they knew. But after the shock waves of hostility have ebbed away, there begins an unlikely but enduring friendship that is to survive beyond a tragedy worse than either can imagine . . .

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This sensitive novel highlights the loneliness and secrets which exist in even the most seemingly perfect marriages
Woman & Home
moving and funny
YOU magazine
believable and touching . . . Harrison's writing is lively and crisp [and] full of humour
The Times