The Dreaming Stones

Sarah Harrison

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22 October 2015
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In second century AD, Claudia leaves Rome for the far northern province of Britain where her new husband is commander of a frontier garrison.

In the late twentieth century, Miranda Tattersall - the iconic model 'Rags' - becomes the third wife of Lord Frederick Stratton, so beginning a love affair with the Strattons' house, Ladycross, near Northumbria's great Wall.

Roberta Govan, long divorced after a brief and disastrous marriage, finally buys a place of her own, away from all past attachments and associations. Or so she thinks.

Claudia, Rags, Bobby: their stories are linked by a wild and beautiful place; the events that brought them to it; and the powerful emotions that make it 'home'.

If it seems far too long since you read a really good novel this is the book you've been waiting for: compelling and utterly convincing. Harrison's perceptiveness, reliably elegant style and compassionate awareness of the subtle vagaries of the human heart make hers a book you're neither likely nor willing to forget

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A consummate storyteller, Harrison weaves their tales into an absorbing page turner

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