Released on 22 October 2015.

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The Grass Memorial

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The leaping chalk horse, carved into an English hillside in the Bronze Age, stands witness to centuries of human endeavour.

To Stella it represents home - sanctuary from the adrenalin-fuelled highs and corresponding lows of her career as a singer. Stella is tough and talented, adored by every man in every audience but a loser in love.

Spencer McColl is an American ex-fighter pilot making a last sentimental journey from Wyoming to the England of his mother's childhood, and the white horse, to pay tribute to the past.

Harry Latimer sets off to the Crimea as a captain in the Hussars with a heart burdened by his undeclared love for his sister-in-law, Rachel. The grim reality of the battlefield provides a bitter contrast to Harry's memories of the tranquillity of home.

Stella, Spencer, Harry - each marches to the tune of a different drama. Their stories are separated by many miles and generations, but profoundly connected in ways they can never fully understand.

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This is Harrison's writing at her best, seamlessly interweaving her characters and their lives until they merge into brilliant focus at the end
Wigan Evening Mail
Sweeps across generations in true epic style. The stories of a captivating cast of characters are woven together in masterly style
Real Issue
An epic tale of love and war