Released on 06 December 2012.

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Getting Even

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How would you feel if your best friend at work betrayed you? If she was secretly having an affair with an influential colleague, beat you to a coveted promotion, and then became your boss? What would you do? For Ivy, there’s only one way forward: revenge.

Set in the heart of Soho’s ad land, where emotions run even higher than salaries, Getting Even is an unputdownable tale of jealousy, packed with bed-hopping, bonding and backstabbing.

About this book

Most readers today know Sarah Rayner from the bestselling One Moment, One Morning, and her new novel, The Two Week Wait. But before that she published two rather different novels – The Other Half (in 2001) and Getting Even (in 2002). Many people have asked how they can get hold of these titles, so we are delighted to be reissuing them both, fully revised and updated by the author. Getting Even is a fun, sexy read based on Shakespeare’s Othello and set in Soho’s ad land. Sarah hopes you find it hugely enjoyable.