Released on 06 October 2006.

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The Unauthorized Biography

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When Billie won Most Popular Actress at the 2005 National Television Awards it was a remarkable achievement for a young woman whose career had stalled and whose life was conducted in the pages of the tabloid newspapers. Two months later her reinvention was confirmed, at the age of 23, with a prestigious South Bank Show Award for ‘Breakthrough Artist’.

Billie: The Unauthorized Biography will take the reader on her remarkable journey, from childhood in Swindon to pop stardom at the tender age of fifteen when her debut single, ‘Because We Want To’, went straight to number 1. The pressures of teenage fame and being hounded by the media turned her dream into a nightmare, until Prince Charming came along in the unlikely guise of ginger-haired multi-millionaire Chris Evans. Insultingly described by the press as a child bride, she took a two-year break to re-evaluate her life and chose to concentrate on acting. But ironically her success as Rose in Doctor Who spelled the end of her marriage.

Based on new research, this is a fascinating showbusiness fable of childhood dreams, Top of the Pops, fame and Ferrarris, parties and premieres, and travels with a Time Lord. It is an affectionate but insightful look at the life of the girl whose smile lights up the screen.