Jennifer Aniston

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Publication date: 04.09.2008
ISBN: 9780283063893
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Jennifer Aniston is the girl next door – witty, charming, with a smile that lights up the room. Men want to be with her and women identify with her. She was, she admits, more of a professional waitress than an actress before she auditioned for a new sitcom, Friends. The show ran for ten years and was a huge international success. Suddenly Jennifer was famous, her life transformed.

At the height of her TV fame Jennifer fell in love with Brad Pitt. They married in 2000, becoming Hollywood's golden couple. After four years, however, her life was turned upside down when she and Brad split and her obvious despair was there for the world to see. If anything, the new vulnerable Jennifer is even more popular than the old vivacious Rachel version when she had the most copied hairstyle in the world. Based on in-depth new research, Jennifer examines how she is fighting back and reveals the true woman behind the Rachel Green facade. It is an affectionate portrait of a much loved star.