Lost Souls

Seth Patrick

Ages 12+
13 August 2015
384 pages


Lost Souls is the gripping follow up to The Reviver, the futuristic thriller from Seth Patrick.

Jonah Miller, Reviver

Able to wake the recently dead for testimony that is accepted in courts worldwide, the use of revivers has long been a routine part of police investigation. But now those who consider it blasphemy are in resurgence - well-funded and gaining ground, they threaten the work of Jonah and his colleagues in the Forensic Revival Service.

Jonah is still recovering from the injuries received after unearthing the existence of a creature bent on terrible destruction, a creature defeated at the cost of many lives. Then the discovery of a bizarrely mutilated corpse makes Jonah suspect that the victory was not as complete as it seemed, and that not all the evil was destroyed.

For in the darkness, shadows are waiting. And they are hungry . . .

. A genuine sense of menace, heart-stopping suspense, and a successful suspension of disbelief add up to one of the best paranormal thrillers of recent years.

Publishers Weekly, starred review

As the action progresses and we meet more characters the depth of this excellent novel increases, and the elements of horror interwoven through the story are perfectly handled. A truly excellent book with a cracking cliffhanger boding well for the third installment.