The Dead Road

Seth Patrick

Ages 12+
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21 September 2017
400 pages

Following Reviver and Lost Souls, The Dead Road is the chilling conclusion to Seth Patrick’s Reviver Trilogy.

The series takes place in our world, but with a chilling twist: certain people have the ability to wake the recently deceased for testimony that is accepted in courts worldwide. The use of these so-called Revivers has long been a routine part of police investigation. But things are changing . . . something vast and dangerous is hiding in the dark, just waiting to wreak havoc on our world.

The Dead Road is where it all comes to an end - maybe literally.

A brilliant, original and very scary concept – which Seth Patrick carries off with chilling aplomb

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An excellent combination of Afterlife and CSI that’ll keep you up late with the lights very definitely on . . . Highly recommended

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A thrilling high-concept book that crosses numerous genres. Chilling and emotional in all the right places

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