Breaking Hollywood

Shari King

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10 September 2015
400 pages

A glamorous, edgy thriller set in the dark heart of a sun-bleached Los Angeles. Breaking Hollywood, by presenter Ross King and bestselling author Shari Low, follows Taking Hollywood which Jackie Collins called 'a fun romp behind the Hollywood curtain'.

When you bury the past, it's just waiting to come back to haunt you . . .

Zander Leith, Davie Johnston and Mirren McLean, three movie industry legends whose stars shine bright over Hollywood. They've fought their way to the top and glossed over the sordid secrets that gave them their fame and fortune.

But in the city of angels, happy endings only happen on screen, because in the shadows of success, there's always someone waiting to take you down.

When lives are threatened, Zander, Davie and Mirren realize there is a killer out there who knows everything about them, one who will go to any lengths to take their revenge.

And the nightmares they left behind are about to become a deadly reality . . .

Taking Hollywood is a fun romp behind the Hollywood curtain. The guessing game is in full swing! Scandal, sex and secrets galore!

Jackie Collins

For Taking Hollywood: A glam, edgy thriller. Just the way I like them.

Martina Cole