Released on 06 November 2014.

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Time and Chance

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The magnificent sequel to Sharon Penman's acclaimed novel When Christ and His Saints Slept, Time and Chance recounts the tempestuous marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II in an epic tale of love, power, ambition and betrayal.

Their reign is in its glory years; Henry is redefining the role of medieval kingship and Eleanor has given birth to their children, founding a dynasty that will endure for 300 years. But even in these seemingly happy times, shadows are lurking. Battles are being fought on two borders. The appointment of Thomas Becket as Archbishop of Canterbury is proving disastrous. And when Henry impulsively takes beautiful young Rosumund Clifford into his bed, little does he realize that in making an enemy of his proud, passionate queen he is committing his gravest error yet . . .