Released on 14 February 2013.

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Let's Talk About: My New Baby

and Fiona Freund

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LET'S TALK ABOUT . . . is a new series of first experience photographic books aimed at toddlers to pre-schoolers and their parents. Informative and humourous, the series marks a departure from existing books of this kind by reflecting young children's and their parents' actual experiences: think real environments and real situations with an authentic toddler's voice, accompanied by useful and sometimes wry information and advice for parents and children.

In MY NEW BABY we meet Jack. He’s 2, and soon he’ll be having a new baby brother or sister. While Jack narrates what is going on around him, simple, funny cartoons show his perceptions of how his mummy will ‘have’ the baby; how he will share his mummy with the baby; his real feelings about the baby when it finally arrives and much more. Featuring breastfeeding, tears and telly, this is a new baby book with a difference!