Released on 02 January 2014.

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Let's Talk About: Why We Say "NO"!

and Fiona Freund

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LET'S TALK ABOUT is a new series of first experience photographic books aimed at toddlers to pre-schoolers and their parents. Informative and humourous, the series marks a departure from existing books of this kind by reflecting young children's and their parents' actual experiences: think real environments and real situations with an authentic toddler's voice, accompanied by useful and sometimes wry information and advice for parents and children.

WHY WE SAY “NO!” explores the reasons why children – and adults – say “no” sometimes. Told by a collection of pre-schoolers, we follow them through different experiences of the word “no” as they learn about tantrums and sharing, the right way to ask for things, about safety, and about simply being tired at the end of the day! Filled with bold colour photographs and playful illustrations, this book gently makes sense of a single word with a host of different uses and meanings!