Facing Ali

The Opposition Weighs In

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Muhammed Ali cast a blinding light onto his sport, on the tumultuous times he in part initiated, on all of those who surrounded him, and who surround him still. That includes the fighters brave enough to stand alone, across the ring from the greatest heavyweight champion of all time.

Ali's own story has been told again and again, but the stories of those who faced him have, by and large, been ignored. For each, the moments alone with Ali changed their careers, changed their lives, and affected them for ever. Facing Ali tells the story of fifteen men from around the world, from famous names like Joe Frazier, Joe Bugner, George Foreman and Henry Cooper to lesser lights like Tunney Hunsaker and Jurgen Blin. Each man, many for the first time, tell their stories in their own words. The resulting book offers a unique perspective on what it was really like to fight Ali, and gives new insights into the character of the most famous man on the planet.

About Stephen Brunt

Stephen Brunt is Canada's premier sports writer and commentator. He is lead columnist for the Globe and Mail, and won a Michener Award for his piece on negligence and corruption in boxing, and was nominated for the National Newspaper Award for his account of meeting with Muhammed Ali. He is the author of Facing Ali: The Opposition Weighs In.

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