Your Father Sends His Love

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Publication date: 21.05.2015
ISBN: 9781447280590
Number of pages: 0


The twelve unforgettable stories in Your Father Sends His Love explore the complex, baffling, and vital relationship between parents and their children. Set in the past, present and future, they are unified by their compassion, animated by the unsaid, and distinguished by how beautifully they extract the luminous from the ordinary.

With wit, subtllety, and uncommon sensitivity, Evers captures the powerful emotions of family life: joy, fear, vulnerability, duty, betrayal, loss, anger, and unconditional love. While his characters often feel more than they can express, they are in the hands of a masterful story teller who gives time to what might otherwise seem incidental. Your Father Sends His Love is a powerful, haunting, and deeply felt work about the most important relationships we will ever know.

In the media

Witty and accomplished, turning a phrase on a sixpence . . . Evers's sparse prose resounds meaningfully, sending out ripples across the pond of family life, recognising both the difficulty and joy of 'relating'.
Daily Mail
Clearly a master of the short story . . . Intriguing everyday stories that are skilfully observed and perfectly described.
The Press and Journal
Evers's writing is sequined with sparkling descriptions