It Should Have Been Me

Susan Wilkins

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24 January 2019
0 pages

DC Jo Boden is an unlikely police officer. Her privileged childhood was turned upside down when her beloved older sister was brutally murdered at university. The trauma tore her family apart once. And now her sister’s killer is eligible for parole . . .

Documentary-maker Bryony Rowe knew Sarah Boden at university. Now her killer is up for release, but Bryony has cause to think the murderer might be innocent. But after all this time, why hasn’t she stepped forward with her evidence and what are her motives for doing it now?

In pursuit of the truth, Jo unearths some long-buried secrets. Jo realizes that she’s not just fighting for justice for her sister, but that her own life is at stake too . . .

It Should Have Been Me is a pulse-racing psychological thriller from Susan Wilkins.

The Killer is murderously good

Elly Griffiths

This stylish, clever crime story never lets up . . . blazingly brilliant

Sunday Mirror

Wilkins’ use of pacey prose and short chapters enables the action-packed plot to fizz along and gather page-turning momentum as it hurtles towards its final denouement

The Lady