Released on 01 August 2008.

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The Immortalists

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Princeton bioethicist Gretchen Mueller and her legendary boss, Professor Evelyn Miranda have dedicated their lives to discovering the most illusive grail on earth – the reason why we age. While attending a conference on immortality in Washington, Gretchen hears that her brother, the journalist, Lucas Mueller, has vanished in Romania. Desperate to track him down the young woman travels to Eastern Europe.

She traces Lucas's last whereabouts to the Transylvanian village of Sigishoara, where he was about to meet up with human traffickers operating between Hungary and the Danube delta. But what Gretchen is about to discover in the village goes much further than illegal ferrying people. She unearths a truly evil trade that allows a group of cold-blooded inventors to pursue their dreams of being the first to unlock the key to immortality. But will she survive to tell the tale of the ‘Immortalists’? Gretchen embarks on a chilling journey through the labyrinth of scientific discovery and the ruthlessness of the people who are prepared to sacrifice everything for the sake of their own wealth and fame.

'Riveting. Think Tess Gerritsen meets Philip K. Dick' Mo Hayder on THE WAKING