The Skeleton Cupboard

The making of a clinical psychologist

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Publication date: 23.04.2015
ISBN: 9781447270218
Number of pages: 320


The Skeleton Cupboard is Professor Tanya Byron's account of her years of training as a clinical psychologist, when trainees find themselves in the toughest placements of their careers. Through the eyes of her naive and inexperienced younger self, Tanya shares remarkable stories inspired by the people she had the privilege to treat. Gripping, poignant and full of daring black humour, this book reveals the frightening and challenging induction faced by all mental health staff and highlights their incredible commitment to their patients.

Powerfully moving and beautifully written, The Skeleton Cupboard shares the tales of ordinary people with an amazing resilience to the challenges of life.

In the media

Fascinating composite case studies of some of the vulnerable patients [Tanya Byron] encountered at a stage when she 'was often just one chapter ahead of them'
Honest and insightful ... This thoroughly compelling book does much to combat the stigma that is still, sadly, attached to mental illness
The Lady
This book is a moving and extremely engaging account of Dr Byron's early days, training as a clinical psychologist. As well as offering profound insights into the human condition it moves with the pace of a thriller. Dr Byron is a great story teller and she has an extraordinary story to tell
Dr Michael Mosley