Released on 06 July 2007.

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HRT - Everything You Need to Know to ...

Untangle the controversy, understand your options and make your own choices

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In 2002 a major study into hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

was suddenly halted when it appeared that study participants who were taking HRT had a far higher rate of heart attack and breast cancer than those not taking hormones. In the months that followed many women around the world stopped taking HRT out of fear for their health, despite the fact that it can actually offer many health benefits – it can help combat hot flushes, protect bones from thinning, and is believed by some doctors to offer protection from breast and gynaecological cancers. Many women are now asking whether the risks of taking HRT outweigh the benefits. This book is designed to help them find the right answer for them.

In HRT: Everything you need to know, Tara Parker-Pope looks beyond the media hype surrounding HRT to reveal how both the scientific community and the media have misreported research findings, and how the research itself is statistically flawed. She examines the evidence for and against HRT and looks at the hormone replacement products that are currently available, including ‘bio-identical’ herbs.

This book will give readers all the information they need to make an informed choice about whether HRT is right for them.