The Yahoo! Style Guide

09 March 2011
400 pages


Is it Web site, website or web site? What's the best on-screen placement for a top story? How can I better know my site's audience? The rapid growth of the Web has meant having to rely on style guides that are intended for print publishing and do not address writing for the Internet. The Yahoo! Style Guide does. Writers and programmers at Yahoo!, faced with a lack of industry guidance fifteen years ago, began creating a set of guidelines for web writing. The seeds of The Yahoo! Style Guide were planted with their first in-house reference, which has been added to ever since, making it the go-to manual inside Yahoo!

Polished and expanded for its public debut, this resource will cover the basics of grammar and punctuation as well as Web-specific ways to perfect a site. It includes: identifying the audience and making the site accessible to everyone; constructing a clear and compelling story; developing a site's unique voice; streamlining text for mobile devices; optimizing webpages to increase the changes of appearing in search results; streamling text so it can be read at Internet speed.