Released on 16 June 2016.

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I'm Just a Person

My year of death, cancer and epiphany

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In the span of four months in 2012, Tig Notaro was hospitalized for a debilitating intestinal disease called C. diff, her mother unexpectedly died, she went through a breakup, and then she was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. Hit with this devastating barrage, Tig took her grief onstage. Days after receiving her cancer diagnosis, she broke new comedic ground, opening an unvarnished set with the words: 'Good evening. Hello. I have cancer. How are you? Hi, how are you? Is everybody having a good time? I have cancer.' The set instantly went viral, and was ultimately released as Tig's sophomore album, Live, which sold one hundred thousand units in just six weeks and was later nominated for a Grammy.

Now, the wildly popular star takes stock of that no good, very bad year - a difficult yet astonishing period in which tragedy turned into absurdity and despair transformed into joy. An inspired combination of the deadpan silliness of her comedy and the open-hearted vulnerability that has emerged in the wake of that dire time, I'm Just a Person is a moving and often hilarious look at this very brave, very funny woman's journey into the darkness and her thrilling return from it.

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I’m Just a Person will make you laugh, or cry, or both.
Marie Claire

I'm Just a Person is Tig's journey in her own words, taking us through the repeated and unexpected heartaches of loss, the awkwardness and humiliation that comes with being ill, and all the social and personal struggles that come with either of those taxing situations. And yet, she has penned a very funny, deeply moving narrative. This isn't emotional torture porn or blandly uplifting treacle; this is hardcore honesty and sincerity told through a hilarious, sardonic lens.
Not only is it a terrific, meaningful read, but it was a wonderful guidebook that helped me be there for a friend who endured a similar loss. Knowing what to say and what not to say is just one worthwhile lesson Tig provided amongst all those laughs and poignant words.

Glen Dallas, Manhattan Book Review
An incredible example of what comedy is good at, which is taking people to the scary parts of their mind and making them laugh in those scary places
Louis C.K.