Island Home

A landscape memoir

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Publication date: 05.05.2016
ISBN: 9781509816934
Number of pages: 0


'I grew up on the world's largest island.'

From his childhood, Tim Winton's relationship with the landscape around him - Australia's swamps and bush, rockpools, seacaves and scrub - has been as vital as any other connection. Whether camping in hidden inlets, walking in the high rocky desert fringe, or diving at Ningaloo Reef, Winton has felt the place seep into him - its rhythms, its dangers, its strange sustenance.

Island Home is the story of how that relationship with the landscape came to be. Charged with love for the huge, besieging force of Australia's wild spaces, this book is a passionate call for their conservation, a memoir that urges us all to feel the ground beneath our feet.

Tim Winton's Land's Edge: A Coastal Memoir, is also available from Picador.

In the media

Vivid . . . eloquent . . . the real pleasures of Island Home lie in the personal memories he summons up with his novelist's skills
Sunday Times
Partly a love song to Australia and also an attempt to trace how this love affair began
Perceptive and persuasive . . . a call to arms for us to appreciate, respect and interact with the natural world around us
Big Issue