The Boy Behind the Curtain

Tim Winton

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04 May 2017
320 pages

The Boy Behind the Curtain is a portrait of a life, a place and a man.

In this deeply personal collection of true stories and essays Tim Winton shows how moments from his childhood and life growing up have shaped his views on class, faith, fundamentalism, the environment, and - most pressingly - how all his experiences have made him a writer.

From unexpected links between car crashes and faith, surfing and writing, to the story of his upbringing in the changing Australian landscape, The Boy Behind the Curtain is an impassioned, funny, joyous, astonishing collection of memories, and Winton's most personal book to date.

Tim Winton is a favourite novelist of mine. Always has been. So to read The Boy Behind the Curtain, his collection of autobiographical stories and essays, was a total joy. Here are the influences that shaped Cloudstreet, Breath, The Riders, et al. In one essay, he writes about the gut-churning process and despair of fiction writing. I felt sick. Wonderful

Sarah Winman, Guardian, Best Books of 2017

I love Tim Winton's writing, and this treasure trove of autobiographical stories and essays is packed with enthralling insights into his life and work

Bookseller (Editor's Choice)

One of Australia’s best-loved novelists. Melancholy but humorous, lyrical but boisterous . . . will delight even
those unfamiliar with his fiction

Daily Telegraph