An Empty Coast

Tony Park

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08 September 2016
480 pages

'A fun international adventure that will appeal to fans of Clive Cussler and Taylor Stevens' Booklist

A body. A cover up. A buried secret.
A father who will do anything to solve the mystery of his son's disappearance.
A mother who will do anything to find her daughter.
The man who tries to keep both parents alive.

Sonja Kurtz - former soldier, supposedly retired mercenary - is in Vietnam carrying out a personal revenge mission when her daughter sends a call for help. Emma, a student archaeologist on a dig at the edge of Namibia's Etosha National Park, has discovered a body dating back to the country's liberation war of the 1980s. The remains of the airman, identified as Hudson Brand, are a key piece of a puzzle that will reveal the location of a modern day buried treasure - a find people will kill for.

Sonja returns to the country of her birth to find Emma, who since her call has gone missing. Former CIA agent Hudson Brand is very much alive and is also drawn back to Namibia to finally solve a decades-old mystery whose clues are entombed in an empty corner of the desert.

An Empty Coast by Tony Park is a gripping and stunning international thriller that will engross fans of Clive Cussler and and Wilbur Smith.

A fun international adventure that will appeal to fans of Clive Cussler and Taylor Stevens


Since Wilbur Smith in his heyday, no one has written as well about southern Africa than Tony Park . . . An Empty Coast is another winner which will keep you turning [the] pages

Crime Review

Park writes with vigour and the story unfolds at a steady pace with plenty of action and gunshots

The Canberra Times