Released on 06 June 2013.

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The Toucan Brothers

For ages 3-5
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What do you do when your sink's on the blink? In Tapton everyone knows who to call – the Toucans that can do, Sammy and Paul! But when new plumber Flash Rover swings into town, the Toucan's telephone stops ringing. Flash Rover may be faster and cheaper, but he's also a rotten cheat and it isn't long before the people of Tapton find themselves in deep, deep water . . .

So remember, if there’s a job that you simply can’t do then call those that can – the twosome that can do, the Brothers Toucan!

A future classic – you'll laugh until your pipes burst!

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This is a great fun read with the style and magic of a comic book. It is written in rhyme, which I love for reading out loud, and this one flows brilliantly. We all found it very funny and my children wanted it read again and again.
Book Babblers
The Toucan Brothers and The Hundred Decker Bus were included in the Independent on Sunday summer round up. The Toucan Brothers was described as "excellent" by the reviewer, Nick Tucker and The Hundred Decker Bus was praised for its "zany humour".
Beautifully detailed panels full of well built characters and loads, I mean loads of things going on for those who like to stop reading to look at all the details in the pictures... the rhymes are great, very well constructed and the story flows fantastically.