Out on 17 September 2020

Sam Quigley's Exploding Beetles and Inflatable Fish

Tracey Turner

Illustrated by Andrew Wightman
Ages 5-9
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17 September 2020
96 pages

Enter the hilarious world of Sam Quigley, the strange-fact-obsessed owner of two stick insects called Twiggy and Wiggy. Sam really likes interesting facts, the kind that will make you shout "Wow! I never knew that!" In this first book of a brand-new series, Sam reveals his favorite animal facts of all time, all accompanied by eye-catching doodle-style illustrations.

Future titles in the series will include: Spider Ladders and Floating Shoes (inventions), A Greenhouse on Mars (space facts), Gong Farmers and Tooth-Whitening Wee (historical facts) and Flying Giraffes and Sea Dragons (prehistoric facts).