Released on 16 May 2003.

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Four years ago, at the age of thirty-two, Ulrika found her life hitting rock bottom. She was facing a situation every parent dreads - her unborn child had been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. And what's more, she was facing it alone. She already had a son to look after, and a demanding career, but now her responsibilities were even greater than she had imagined. How would she cope, who had she become, and who was she to start with?

As a way of trying to understand herself and her life, Ulrika started to write. It was a difficult, sometimes humiliating experience as she faced up to past mistakes. But she also rediscovered many amazing experiences from which there were powerful lessons to be learned. It's a story in turn funny, sad, rude, surprising - even shocking. But it's not just Ulrika's story - there are many aspects to it with which we will all identify. And it's honest.

'A disarmingly frank confession of weaknesses and fears' Independent