Out on 08 July 2021

Classic Cat Stories


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08 July 2021
390 pages

Cats, be they much loved pets or inscrutable creatures, lend themselves to stories and literary invention.

Classic Cat Stories is a beautiful anthology that includes fairy tales and fables from the likes of Rudyard Kipling and Charles Perrault as well as comic tales from Saki and E. F. Benson. Cats, of course, have always had a dark and mysterious side which is explored to chilling effect by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe in The Black Cat and H. P. Lovecraft in The Cats of Ulthar. But above all, we love them and you’ll find here stories about all kinds of cats that tug at the heartstrings and which celebrate their curious ways.

This edition is edited by anthologist, editor and literary agent Becky Brown.