Seek the Fair Land

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Publication date: 22.05.2014
ISBN: 9781447269069
Number of pages: 0


It is 1649. As the English soldiers trample the Irish homesteads, leaving behind them a trail of barbarity and destruction, a few brave men set out to seek a 'fair land' over the brow of the hill.

Among them is Dominick MacMahon, whose wife has been killed in the bloody massacre of Drogheda, and whose son and daughter, and a wounded priest, Father Sebastian, accompany him.

But as he journeys in search of peace and freedom he is relentlessly pursued by Coote, the Cromwellian ruler of Connaught . . .

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An adventure story that is both exciting and moving.
The Times
An explosive segment of history . . . contagious emotion . . . action-packed entertainment.
New York Herald Tribune