Released on 10 June 1988.

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The Scorching Wind

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Continuing the adventures of several generations of one Irish family.

In 1916 a medical student, the son of a school teacher, is drawn despite himself into the turbulent politics of the time.

A powerful story of a young man and the fight within himself, his love for his older brother, and the tragic events that sweep their country.

Along with Seek the Fair Land and The Silent People, The Scorching Wind is a fascinating examination of the history and events that fueled the fight for freedom in Ireland.

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The long tale of terror and bravery, the arrests, the burnings, the ambushes, the reprisals is told with the deftness of a professional storyteller.
Irish Press
Told with pity and poetry and an impartiality almost unnatural in an Irishman writing of those seven desperate years.
Catholic Herald