Mr Majestic - The Tout of Bengaluru

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Pan Macmillan India

Publication date: 19.11.2015
ISBN: 9781509825240
Number of pages: 0


With a trail of stiffs and thugs behind him, Hari Majestic traverses the megacity of Bengaluru trying to right many wrongs. A foreign tourist, a girl originally adopted from India, has come back to pursue a career in cinema - only to vanish off the face of the earth.

Mr Majestic, a tout and petty conman by profession, is asked to track her down and must use all his scamster skills and street smartness to pull it off. Little does he know the lethal dangers he will have to face - armed torpedoes, monsoon floods, crazy riots and his own existential fears of possibly being reborn as a dog.