Follow the leader: tips for starting a cult

16 April 2015

Ever pondered the idea of starting a cult? It requires more calculation than you might think, as Rebecca Wait reveals in this very helpful video.

After just five simple steps you could be the leader of your very own band of worshippers. What – or who – they worship is up to you. It's worth remembering that most cult leaders meet their downfall eventually, so if you prove the rule wrong then be sure to let us know.


Ok, so these tips aren't tried and tested in the real world, but Rebecca has written a brilliant novel about a cult so she knows a thing or two about them. The book is called The Followers and it's out now in Paperback, and as an Ebook and Audiobook.

The Followers

The Followers

When Stephanie first meets Nathaniel, she is a struggling single mother and he is a charismatic outsider, unlike anyone she's ever known. In deciding to join the small religious cult he has founded high on the moors, Stephanie thinks she is doing the best for her daughter Judith: a new home, a new life, a new purpose.

Judith has never trusted Nathaniel, but even she can't foresee the terrible things that lie ahead. From the moment they arrive, the delicate dynamic of Nathaniel's followers is disturbed. Judith's restlessness and questions unsettle the children who've never known life outside the cult - all except loyal Moses, who will do anything to be her friend. Meanwhile, as Stephanie slowly surrenders herself to Nathaniel's will, tensions deepen, faith and doubt collide, and a horrifying act of violence changes everything ...

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