A Not Working quiz - what work is right for you?

11 April 2016

No idea what you should be doing with your life? You're not alone. 

Lisa Owen's Not Working is a novel that that voices the questions we've all been asking ourselves but never dared to say out loud. What is my true vocation? How do I go about finding it? When did everyone else get all of this stuff sorted?

In the spirit of Not Working, Chris Guillebeau, author of Born For This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do, has put together this handy quiz to help you find work you love. 

So stop whatever you're doing and let the procrastrination begin! 


'It's not just what kind of work you do, it's how you do it.' 
Chris Guillebeau, author of Born For This


Not Working

Not Working

Lisa Owens

Claire Flannery has quit her job in order to discover her true vocation – only to realise she has no idea how to go about finding it. Whilst everyone around her seems to have their lives entirely under control, Claire find herself floundering and wondering where her own fell apart.

Funny, sharp, tender and brilliantly observed, Not Working is the story of a life unravelling in minute and spectacular ways. 

Out now in Paperback and as an Ebook and Audiobook.

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