Like, literally, a selfie: your most overused words

07 August 2014

We asked you what you think are the most overused words. Here are the top five responses.

1. SELFIE was the most popular least popular word. Thanks @ddx2x44 @msjademoulds  and @bronzebygold.

2. You don't open, you pop-up… 'pop up' came up a few times. We'll have to make sure we don't call our beloved shack a pop-up anymore.

3. Editor's pick: 'literally'. 

4. 'Searing'. So says Mahesh Rao, author of The Smoke is Rising.

5. And one we haven't heard before: USIE! Any suggestions as to what this means welcome.

Got any other pet-hate words or phrases? Keep them coming to @picadorbooks.

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