As well as writing some wonderfully moving and funny poems for her 2015 poetry collection, The Remains, Annie Freud has peppered it with beautiful illustrations. Here, she talks about the relationship between the pen and the paintbrush.

by Annie Freud

Long before I wrote poems I cherished the idea of one day making a book of words and pictures – something like those little illuminated French prayer books – that you would carry with you wherever you went and dip into whenever you felt the need.

Turbot © Annie Freud

Making the paintings in this book allowed me to indulge my capacity for patience and concentration, something I'm rarely capable of when I'm writing a poem. I found the act of painting has helped me to be freer when writing.

Dave with Worcesters
Dave with Worcesters © Annie Freud

I have noticed that great painters have stressed the importance of thinking that the painting they're working is the only painting that has and will ever exist. I experienced something like this myself while I was painting The View From Lankham Bottom (pictured below © Annie Freud).

The View from Lankham Bottom



The Remains