By Kate Tempest 

The boys have football and skate ramps.
They can ride BMX
and play basketball in the courts by the fl ats until midnight.
The girls have shame.

One day,
when we are grown and we have minds of our own,
we will be kind women, with nice smiles and families and jobs.
And we will sit,
with the weight of our lives and our pain
pushing our bodies down into the bus seats,
and we will see thirteen-year-old girls for what will seem like the first
    time since we’ve been them,
and they will be sitting in front of us, laughing
into their hands at our shoes or our jackets,
    and rolling their eyes at each other.

While out of the window, in the sunshine,
the boys will be cheering each other on,
and daring each other to jump higher and higher.


From Kate Tempest's first full-length poetry collection Hold Your Own. Read another poem from the collection here

In celebration of International Women's Day, we shared these inspiring poems from some of our favourite female poets.   


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