Mark Kermode's top five hatchet jobs

29 May 2014

We all have films that we love to hate and that we love to rant about. There are few that rant more concisely and cuttingly than trusted Observer film critic Mark Kermode. Here are five of his best one-liners.

1. “Eat, Pray, Love, Vomit”
On Eat, Pray, Love

2. “Forest Gump with A-Levels”
On The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

3. “Less fun than having a real dog put down”
On Marley & Me

4. “The cinematic equivalent of tertiary syphilis”
On The Santa Clause 3

5. "Consumerist pornography"
On Sex and the City 2

Hatchet Job

Hatchet Job

A hatchet job isn't just a bad review, it's a total trashing. Mark Kermode is famous for them - Pirates of the CaribbeanSex and the City 2, the complete works of Michael Bay. 

Beginning with his favourite hatchet job ever, Mark tells us about the best bad reviews in history, why you have to be willing to tell a director face-to-face their movie sucks, and about the time he apologized to Steven Spielberg for badmouthing his work.

But why do we love really bad reviews? Is it so much harder to be positive? And is the Internet ruining how we talk about cinema? The UK's most trusted film critic answers all these questions and more in this hilarious, fascinating and argumentative new book. 

Available now in Paperback, and as an Ebook and Audiobook. 

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