The animals in Bert’s garden are having a perfect day . . . until Bear comes along.

Lane Smith’s playfully chaotic new story starts by setting an idyllic scene: a cat, a dog, a bird and a boy relaxing in a lush green garden and each enjoying their own utterly perfect day – be it lounging in a sunny flowerbed, nibbling on a fresh yellow corncob or cooling off in a clear pool of blue water.

But Lane isn’t one for peaceful complacency, and before long a rather furry and very large visitor comes along to enjoy a perfect day of its very own. This one just so happens to involve flowerbed sunbathing, corncob thievery and a lovely refreshing dip.

The CILIP Kate Greenaway-shortlisted author and illustrator Lane Smith actually based A Perfect Day on a real life encounter with a marauding bear in his own Connecticut back garden – Lane managed to catch the furry figure on camera as it sat down to a delicious meal of stolen bird feed!