With Campbell Books’ Christmas Stories and Carols audio CD just out, the new Campbell Audio CD range now has three exciting titles. 

But how did the Campbell team put together this fun mix of Christmas themed stories and traditional carols? And all in the middle of an English summer!

First we found two wonderful actors, Derek Griffiths and Katy Ashworth, to read the stories and sing the carols. Then we introduced a little Christmas spirit into the recording studio, even if it did feel a little strange to be sporting tinsel garlands in the middle of the summer!


Derek Griffiths sparkles with Deborah, Claire and Sophie from the Campbell Books team.
Music producer Iain came on board to provide the instrumental backing for the carols – and he made sure he dropped in plenty of bells for that perfect Christmas sound!


Katy Ashworth and music producer Iain Carnegie.
And once Derek and Katy had finished recording everything, sound engineer/producer Joseph added plenty of sound effects to all the stories to really bring them to life. He might even have added a few more Christmas bells!
Listen to Derek Griffiths and Katy Ashworth singing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' here:


Listen to Derek Griffiths reading from The Nutcracker here:

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