colin and lee, carrot and pea is the debut book by scottish author and illustrator morag hood. told using a series of bright and instantly recognizable shapes, it is the story of the friendship between a tall orange carrot stick and a small green pea. despite their many differences, and the fact that colin can’t do everything the peas can, colin and lee are the very best of friends.

to celebrate the publication of the gorgeous new mini-board book edition of this brilliant book, we’re sharing an animated trailer which brings the beloved colin and lee to life!

colin and lee started life as an entry to the macmillan prize for illustration when morag was studying at cambridge school of art. the prize judges were so taken with morag’s humour and unique style that both colin and lee, carrot and pea and morag’s second book when grandad was a penguin were highly commended – and a publishing contract followed not longer after, with colin and lee soon heading off on their travels across the world.

morag is no stranger to experimentation – colin and lee, carrot and pea was made from a simple yet effective collage of (now extremely scarce) supermarket carrier bags, and the artwork for when grandad was a penguin was created using a combination of lino printing and digital manipulation.

morag is a bright new talent and a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to share more of her fantastic work – watch this space!
trailer narrated by mathew baynton, star of yonderland and horrible histories.